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Residence Hall Internet Connection

All Resident Students have high-speed wireless Internet access in their room through the Belmont Abbey IT department.

List of wireless networks available to Students

Every device that connects to the Residential Wireless Network is on its own isolated connection can only access the Internet. This means that students cannot set up local network connections for their devices. A WIFI enabled printer cannot be connected to the wireless network. Your printer will need to be connected to your laptop computer via a cable or bluetooth connection. Each student will be able to connect multiple devices to the Residential Wireless Network. Those who connect wireless game consoles (such as Xbox and PlayStation) to the wireless network will notice similar behavior. Computers and game consoles will only have access to the Internet and will not see other computers and game consoles on the BAC Residential Network. Wired network connections are not enabled in the dorms.

Personal Routers

Personal routers or switches are not allowed.  Connecting a router or switch may cause the IT department to disable internet access to the port in the room.

Cable TV Troubleshooting

Cable TV Outage Reporting

Note: Only TV’s with a QAM tuner will work on Campus.  Most, but not all, TV’s manufactured since 2007 have a QAM tuner.

Please first verify that other locations are experiencing the same problem. If others are not experiencing the problem, verify that it is not your television or cable connector.

If you have verified that it is not your television or cable connector, please call Apogee at 1-866-615-8674 or text “MyVideo” to 84700.

TV Channel Line up: Channel Line Up