Public wireless is available in all buildings on Campus. Faculty and Staff have two options for accessing the public wireless network:

SSID: bacnet    PASSWORD: none

DESCRIPTION: Traffic on this network is not encrypted. Your internet browsing sessions can be easily observed or hijacked by a third party.

SSID: bacnet_secure    PASSWORD: bacnet_secure

DESCRIPTION: Traffic on this network is encrypted. It is far more difficult for a third party to observe or hijack your browsing session.

SSID: bacnet_gamevoip    PASSWORD: none

DESCRIPTION: This network is for gaming consoles and VOIP devices.  Traffic on this network is not encrypted.  Using your Student email account you can request access to this network using this Google Form.

Is the network secure?

BAC Wi-Fi access is as secure as any open public access network. It is always a good idea to make sure your computer has a local firewall turned on and that your Anti Virus and system software is up-to-date. It is also a good idea to make sure you are on an SSL-encrypted web page prior to sending or receiving confidential data. Belmont Abbey College assumes no risk for any viruses, identity theft, or any other malicious or unwanted activities which can occur to individuals accessing a public network.

Note: Belmont Abbey College reserves the right to monitor Wi-Fi activity, filter content and otherwise control or prohibit wireless access usage.