Belmont Abbey College strives to maintain access for its faculty, administrators, staff, and students to local, national, and international sources of information and to provide an atmosphere that encourages the sharing of knowledge, the creative process and collaborative efforts within the College’s educational, research, and public service programs.

Access to electronic information systems at Belmont Abbey College is a privilege which can be revoked, not a right, and must be treated as such by all users of these systems. With this privilege, come the following responsibilities:

  • All users must act honestly and responsibly.
  • Every user is responsible for the integrity of these information resources.
  • All users must observe appropriate etiquette in electronic communication.
  • Users are responsible for protecting their accounts from access by others, and shall keep private their passwords and ID’s.
  • All users must respect the rights of other computer users.
  • All users must respect the integrity of the physical facilities and controls.
  • All users must respect the pertinent license and contractual agreements related to College information systems.
  • Users who incur access or user charges for services provided by off-campus services (such as commercial databases, processing time, etc.) are responsible for full payment of such charges.
  • All users must act in accordance with relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Belmont Abbey College is a provider of a means to access the vast and growing amount of information available through electronic information resources.  Belmont Abbey College is not a regulator of the content of that information and takes no responsibility for the content of information, except for that information the College itself, and those authorized to act on its behalf, create.  Any person accessing information through Belmont Abbey College information systems must determine for him /herself whether any source is appropriate for viewing and use.

To read the complete Computer Use Policy, please download the following document.

Computer Use Policy

The Belmont Abbey College IT Department is committed to providing an appropriate computer system for each full-time faculty and staff member. Employees with computer needs are given only one computer for their use, and either a laptop computer or desktop computer may be offered. A laptop is issued to individuals requiring a laptop to execute their responsibilities.  Issuance must be approved first by IT, then the Divisional VP and the VP for Administration and Finance.

To read the complete Laptop Policy, please download the following document.

Laptop Use Policy