Belmont Abbey College has several computer labs that are accessible to students, faculty and staff.

List of Labs

Name Location Equipment
Stowe Lab RSH 214 22 Windows computers
Sacred Heart Lab ADM 106 22 Windows computers
Carter Center Library Upstairs 11 Windows computers
Library Lab Library Upstairs 30 Windows computers
WGS Mini Lab WGS 111A 4 Windows computers
Tutor Lab Library Downstairs 4 Windows computers
Psychology Lab WGS 105 3 Windows computers
Physics Lab WGS 106 4 Windows computers

Report a problem in a Lab

Users should report any malfunction, concern, or violation of policy to IT. Click here to contact us.


Computer viruses and other types of malicious software (collectively called “malware”) are a very real threat in heavily used, high-volume labs. IT has taken several precautions against malware on campus computers. Software for virus detection and elimination is installed in all labs and multimedia classrooms. If you suspect that a lab or classroom computer has been infected, please report it to IT. Click here to contact us.

Configuration of Labs

Configurations of these labs are determined by the Academic Computing Subcommittee. The Academic Computing Subcommittee determines all software that is installed in the labs, and how the workstations are to be configured. IT implements the instructions of the Academic Computing Subcommittee.

Request for configuration changes of a Lab

A request for changes in the configuration of a lab, including software installation, should be directed to the Academic Computing Subcommittee. The Academic Computing Subcommittee is designed with a cross-section of individuals who are elected by each division. Requests are handled by this committee so that representatives from all divisions and all areas that sponsor a lab can be fully aware of any changes, and can determine how it will affect their areas. The Academic Computing Subcommittee also provides a single source to manage these various requests, and gives IT the charge for any of these changes to occur.